The Second Touch Awareness program is used in combination with your direct mail campaign to add lift, reach, recall and response by repurposing the mail creative in multiple Ad sizes and formats. Additionally, our data-matching process allows us to identify prospects or customers from that mailing list to find them online, across multiple audience networks and device types. Our typical match-rate is between 50% and 70% of these mail recipients. We serve Ad messages across tens of thousands of publisher applications and platforms including; mobile, social and in-App Ads. 



Base Package Includes: 
• Custom Mailing List conversion to matched Online Audience
• Optional Lookalike Audience creation
• Ad design / conversion
• Ongoing campaign optimization
• Results reporting 

Audience or Mailing List Size
This package includes a Custom Audience size of up to 25,000 matched and/or lookalike records. Lookalike records are based on selects, geography and record availability. Additional records above 25,000 are charged per CPM

Optional Lookalike Audience
We can augment any client supplied data file through audience profiling and sourcing lookalike prospects (demographically and geographically). No additional charge for creating the lookalike audience and appending to the client source file to increase reach or bring net Online Audience size to minimums. 

Subscription Discount
Subscriptions or multiple buy discounts may be available. 

Optional Recommendation
• Include Awareness Ads to help boost impressions
• Include conversion focused landing page
• Include a Retargeting Campaign to boost awareness or response

See Add-ons page for description. 

Ad Placement
Facebook Audience Network Newsfeeds, Mobile, Tablet, Desktop and In-App Network (includes thousands of “Apps” in addition to the Facebook App.)