The Rooftop IP Targeting program for Business/Residential is unique among the other ad programs within our stable of products. Due to recent innovations in offline to online audience matching, we can reach about 50% of your targeted list online with some of the most well-known and popular Online Ad Networks and Publishers. We utilize individual household or business IP Addresses to send targeted ads all users at or near the desired locations. The ad creation works the same as the other program ads where we can utilize any existing direct mail or video creative. 

NOTE: This is the only product we offer based not on Reach or audience size. Instead, this network is based on Impressions. It is usually most interesting to B2B marketers looking to reach a captive business/employee audience defined by business types or common geography. 




Base Package Includes: 
• Custom Mailing List conversion to matched Online Audience
• Ad design / conversion
• Ongoing campaign optimization
• Results reporting 

Audience or Mailing List Size
Minimum 10,000 (net) records yields 10 impressions during 30 day campaign period. 

Subscription Discount
Subscriptions or multiple buy discounts may be available. 

Optional Recommendation
• Include conversion focused landing page

See Add-ons page for description. 

Ad Placement
IP Network Partner Sites – multiple sizes and formats.