You're gonna' love our pricing.

We have developed a number of options to best fit your interests. Some are based on performance others on impressions or Reach. Every package is customized, so please allow us to create a custom quote for you. What follows is a brief introduction to our approach to package creation and pricing.

  • With Direct Mail - Second Touch: Our technology allows us to match a very high percentage of your mail list to our Second Touch Audience Network - allowing us to mirror the timing of any direct mail campaign. We can
    • Schedule additional touches to arrive just prior to your in-mailbox dates
    • Design a program to arrive during the same time the mail is expected to arrive in home or business
    • Arrange for your Online Touches to serve as a reminder of the mail they have already received.

No matter what the goal is, by adding Second Touch to your direct mail campaign we can often DOUBLE your number of touches you can make with your mail while actually LOWERING YOUR COST. Please ask us how.


  • Pay for Performance: Always a popular option and one that makes sense for the marking professional that is really focused on driving leads to a sign-up form a purchase event or other transnational event. We call these Click Leads and we can apply this approach to your targeted audience across hundreds of thousands of web pages, social sites, mobile devices and smartphone Apps.


  • Reach and Frequency: Commonly referred to as "touches" or "impressions" Frequency of message delivery to the targeted audience plays a huge role in moving a prospect to take action. The combination of audience size (Reach) and Frequency and  a data-driven approach to messaging quality and offer is what makes up the components of a well crafted direct response campaign. We can now build Online Direct Marketing packages in much the same way Direct Mail has traditionally been priced and sold.


  • Mass Impression Based Campaigns: Sometimes its all about awareness and speed. Market positioning and brand awareness needs sometimes demand a fast, accurate way to reach as many constituents, clients and prospects as fast as possible. Using streaming video, multiple images, and other advanced digital marketing approaches we can ramp-up mass appeal campaigns in a matter of days and accelerate their reach and frequency to match virtually any need.