The following optional programs and products can be added onto any current campaigns for added benefits.

1. Retargeting Audience

Retargeting, in this context, is the practice of identifying those visitors to a client’s own website as a “reachable” prospect across the Facebook Audience Network. 

It is important to understand that this approach is not limited to only those prospects originally targeted to receive Direct Mail or other online ads. This is designed to optimize all the web traffic generated, no matter where the visit came from – search engines, radio, television, etc. 

Once the strategy and use case has been defined with the client, we design the process and supply the code snippets to the client’s own web developer. Once deployed the system begins to track all visitors to that site and starts to identify those that can be reached on the Audience Network so that the client is in position to reach these anonymous visitors again on their mobile, desktop or tablets using social media and in-app ad units discussed throughout this document. 

Retargeting campaigns can begin with a small audience size with additional records continuously added to the list in real-time allowing us to serve ads to these prospects while still very fresh in the prospects mind. (up to 90 days). 


  • With Initial Campaigns Free
  • Without Campaign $500 one-time setup fee
    (For clients who wish to build a retargeting audience for future campaign use.) 
  • Cannot be used with Local Reach Ads or Rooftop IP Targeting Ads

Use with Ad Campaigns
We can automatically roll these “warm prospects” into existing campaigns. Alternately, we can set this program to accumulate retargeting prospects by category (added to cart, completed purchase, etc.) and develop a custom campaign to reach these visitors with specific follow-up messaging based on their on-site behavior. (Standard campaign rates would apply). 

Client sells Blue Widgets. Our Retargeting Pixel identifies 11,289 visitors to the client’s website that added widgets to their shopping cart but did not complete the purchase. It is determined that 6,500 of those visitors can be reached on the Audience Network. We can either add them immediately to existing campaigns for additional reach OR create a new campaign targeting only those who abandoned their carts with a special, limited time discount offer. 

2. Audience Discovery Report

Audience Discovery Reports are used as a means of presenting a psychographic customer profile of your most active customers. We use a combination of internal tools and Acxiom PersonicX HH level lifestage and geographic reporting to profile your customer list. We then use the profile for two main purposes; to identify who your best customers are and create ads that speak directly to them with images and text and also to build look-alike prospects lists to further enhance your customer database.  


  • Flat Fee
  • 3,000 record minimum
  • Cannot be used with Local Reach Ads

3. Conversion Landing Page

A Landing Page would be built to support a specific call to action from the Online Ad. The best applications of a Landing Page would be when the ad directs recipients to call a dedicated phone number, capture information on a form or to communicate an offer code. The Landing Page allows for tighter control of the information and to help track conversions for reporting.   


  • Flat Fee
  • 3,000 record minimum
  • Cannot be used with Lead Ads or Local Reach Ads 

4. Impression Booster

Impression Booster is available for campaigns that require high numbers of Impressions in addition to those gathered through the primary campaign. This allows the main goals of the primary campaign to be optimized separately while using the same copy and creative artwork to the targeted audience.


  • Flat Fee
  • Cannot be used with Local Reach Ads or Rooftop IP Targeting Ads