Getting your fair share of the New Customer Market?                 Need a faster, more cost effective way to reach Current Customers? 

For years, heck, FOREVER, Direct Response Marketers have struggled to get the maximum response from their Ad dollars. “You know half of your advertising is working, you just don’t know which half” etc….

Additionally, most marketers, especially small business owners and marketers, have been challenged to really know how to craft their marketing messages in a way that truly resonates and connects with those prospects MOST LIKELY to purchase their product or services. Much of that confusion comes from not having a CLEAR and simple way to understand their trade areas and customers from a real demographic and geographic perspective.

In a Nutshell

  • We start with Data Analytics. Using your own customer records we can tell you WHO your best prospects are, what they are like and how to find more.
  • We can tell you how big or small your actual local trade area is so we know where to actually hunt for new customers.
  • We can then use these results to craft an Online Direct Marketing strategy leveraging the power of Facebook, Instagram Mobile and The Google Display Network and others, that will CLEARly show how we can reach more of these prospects for less than most are spending now on traditional media.

Consider this Value Proposition…

"Virtually everything we had to turn to Direct Mail for in the past, we can now do online for a fraction of the cost. Whether done WITH Direct mail as a Second Touch or as a stand alone campaign targeting the exact prospects or current customers on your list, "Second Touch" Online Direct Marketing is real and really effective." 

(This is awesome and will be like nothing you have ever seen. No kidding.)