Still trying to figure out Mobile? Are you wrestling with SOCIAL? Have you even started to untangle In-App Advertising? Stop. We have you covered.

Sending something to someone’s in-box or mailbox is fine. But putting that same message right in front of their face, while they are looking there, can be incredibly powerful in ways mail was never intended to be and a great compliment to current direct mail programs or used as a stand alone outreach strategy.

Our Second Touch Customer Network delivers your message to qualified prospects, near your business or nationwide, on their Mobile, Computer or Tablets – while they are focused on the websites, social networks and even in smartphone "Apps" they care about the most.

Consider this their “Attention Address”.

We can reach your best prospects where they spend their most valuable time. 

The Attention Address doesn’t rely on an email or postal address, which can frequently change. Instead, it exists where they spend their time and attention- Popular Mobile Apps for News, Weather & Entertainment, Social sites like Facebook and Instagram. Targeted. Personal.

As close to “word of mouth advertising” as you can get.

Our Network makes it easy to reach your prospects on any device, making it even easier for them to book an appointment, make a purchase or to take any other action with you wherever they are.

It’s not magic, it's ClearFluence. (Well, it is kind of… you really should see this…)

1. It’s a way to make “Big Data” easy to understand and automated.

2. These data allow us to see CLEARly, opportunities to not only target more effectively but more affordably. We can map a CLEAR course of action driven by YOUR data and not by guesswork.

3. Once we know WHO we should be focusing on, we can begin to understand what makes them “tick” and become capable of “speaking” about your product or service in a way that makes sense to them and moves them to action. In a sense, becoming “Fluent” in what motivates your customers to buy.

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