The Local Reach program is geared toward brick & mortar businesses wanting to deliver targeted ads (with an emphasis on Mobile) within a geographically defined community area. Individuals who live in a specific community will be exposed to the ads as well as individuals who may be visiting or passing through the area. These types of ads are designed to support local area merchants and service businesses as well as supporting any local events. Inspired by and designed to deliver the benefits of USPS Every Door Direct Mail but to immediate area prospects mobile devices.   



Base Package Includes: 
• Ad design / conversion
• Ongoing campaign optimization
• Results reporting 

This package targets an audience based on age, gender and distance from store location from 1- 50 miles.  

Subscription Discount
Subscriptions or multiple buy discounts may be available. 

Optional Recommendation
• Include a Retargeting Campaign to boost awareness or response

See Add-ons page for description. 

Ad Placement
Facebook Audience Network Newsfeeds, Mobile, Tablet, Desktop.