Its ALWAYS been about the data.

To start, thousands know us first as a direct mail company, one of the first in California in fact. (Established in 1927). BUT what we really are is a Direct Marketing, Shipping/Fulfillment, Printing and Data Company. And now we are proud to introduce a new Admail West technology platform and division that will take decades of data skill and direct marketing savvy and apply that know-how to some of the most effective direct marketing channels in the history of advertising…And partnering with some of the most respected "Big data" companies in the world make all of this easier, more cost effective and fast. REALLY fast.

The problems we solve…

Imagine yourself faced with this challenge: If your LIFE depended on addressing a thousand strangers in the most effective way possible and you lived or died based on being able to inFLUENCE those thousand people to take a specific action – you would be wise to try and understand what makes those people tick, as individuals, and what their life values and perspectives are so you could create a powerful strategy to address them in the most effective way possible, even if you were asking them all to buy the same product.

Treat them all the same and you are likely to fail. (This is what broadcast media is forced to do. This is NOT a limitation of Direct Response Marketing.)

However, if you can break them into a handful of groups that all share similar values, you are likely to begin to understand which aspects of your product or service is likely to hold the greatest interest for each group. As a result, you’d have a CLEAR insight into how to position your product for some groups differently than you would for others. Perhaps even more valuable than that , you’d now understand which groups may never be interested in what you have to offer and for the first time be freed from wasting your time, effort and money pursuing them. 

By focusing on WHO is likely to buy and WHY and then honing your communications with them accordingly, and spending less time and money pursuing unlikely supporters, you really can spend less and sell more. (This applies to Direct Mail just as much as it does to Online Direct marketing.)

It’s not rocket science, its ClearFluence.