Glossary of Terms

Reach: Represents how many individuals we were able to serve ads to during the campaign. 

Impressions: How many times we were able to present ads to the intended audience. (AKA: Frequency) 

Frequency: The average number of times individuals saw the ads during the campaign. 

Leads: The number of times a Lead Form has been submitted for campaigns optimized for Lead Generation. 

Link Clicks: This measures the number of times the “Call To Action” (Learn More, Sign Up Now etc.) button was clicked from a specific served ad unit. This action results in directing the recipient to a Landing Page or a specific Website Page. 

All Clicks: Represents how many total clicks the ad unit received during the campaign. Additionally, this counts all engagement from the recipient experience, clicks to a Facebook page, clicks to view a video etc. 

Click Through Rate (CTR): This simply converts the number of total All Clicks into a percentage based on the number of ads served during a campaign. 

Age: A breakdown of the ages of those users that were served ads. 

Gender Reach: The percentage of Male and Female ad recipients. 

Placement: This helps us understand where ads were served to reach the audience. The Audience Network used is made up of many sites, Apps and destinations that enable us to reach the intended audience. 

Lookalike Audience: An audience that we compile from our Audience Network that is demographically and geographically similar to a supplied client data file or the desired prospects when no data file is supplied. We can then use these records to increase a campaign reach or meet minimum file size requirements. 

Retargeting Campaigns: Allows us to create an additional Custom Audience or Audiences composed of individuals who visited a client’s own website. Some portion of those visitors will likely be Facebook users, allowing us to make the match and present them with an ad. This provides additional impressions for those who may be interested in the client’s products or services.