What the heck is a ClearFluence anyway?


Audience Demographics:

We believe that any marketing, advertising or business development program should be data driven, and measurable. Your prospecting and retention efforts should be crystal CLEAR as to WHO you are targeting and WHY.

Data Defines the Approach:

Once you understand the audience you are addressing from a lifestage and psychographic perspective you are empowered to be able to "speak" to them in THEIR language – preferably the language of the heart - their hearts. What matters to them? What really moves them? Being “FLUENT” in their language is what will ultimately cause a connection. STAYING fluent in that language is what will keep them interested in your company and interested in remaining your customer.

Data Driven Direct Marketing:

Keeping our client’s business growth strategies on path and making sure we are reaching the right people in the right way and speaking to them in the language they respond to is what we aim to be – Clear and Fluent.

As a division of one of California’s first and highest quality direct marketing, data, printing and fulfillment companies, Admail West Sacramento  , we can deliver a range of handcrafted, data driven marketing solutions that we seriously believe few will be able to compete with... much, much more to come. Stay tuned...

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