Direct Response Marketing - It's Changed. So have we.

Simply put, it is tough to know exactly HOW and WHERE to spend your limited Ad dollars when you don’t really understand WHO is most likely to buy from you and where to find those people. Further, once you do identify those prospects, knowing how to “speak” to them in a voice that will likely inFLUENCE them to take action in a CLEAR and concise way has mostly been beyond the reach of small business marketers – really out of reach for most marketers.

We are changing that. No, really.


Fast Effective and New. Prospects or Current Custom Reach.

By focusing on WHO is likely to buy and WHY and then honing your communications with them accordingly, empowers our client's to focus less time and to spend less money pursuing unlikely supporters. With ClearFluence technologies you really can spend less and sell more. (This applies to Direct Mail just as much as it does to Online Direct marketing.)


Discover Our Multi-Channel Customer Network

Sending something to someone’s in-box or mailbox is fine. But putting that same message right in front of their face, while they are looking there, is incredibly powerful.

Our Online Customer Network delivers your message to qualified prospects, near your business on their Mobile, Computer or Tablets – while they are focused on the sites they care about the most.